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Our commitment to the environment results from a
desire to share the beauty of nature with the importance
of preserving our future.

From our invitations to our studio and business practices, we do what
we can to maintain an environmental awareness and to inspire others
in our efforts.


Our Invitations & Packaging:

  • We only offer 100% post consumer recycled paper, which uses no new trees.
  • Our envelopes are 100% post consumer waste, FSC certified, made with green energy, and are processed chlorine free.
  • We take advantage of digital (flat) printing, which allows us to print on demand. This usually lessens wasteful surplus and is a more environmentally friendly method than traditional offset printing.
  • All packaging is either made of recycled content or recovered materials from our suppliers. In our world, most everything can be used more than once, that includes cardboard boxes and newspaper for stuffing!


In Our Studio:

  • From paper to ink cartridges and even to our studio furniture, we recycle or reuse everything we can.
  • We implement energy saving practices, such as installing compact fluorescent light bulbs, turning off all equipment and lights when not in use, saving paper by utilizing electronic documents, and purchasing energy star rated electronics.
  • We compost and/or recycle leftover paper scraps.

Got questions? Please feel free to contact us if you do. We are always happy to answer and address your questions and concerns. 404-512-1560 or e-mail

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